FRP something Just fun.


Download with wget

wget https://content.tar.gz

and unzip.

tar -zxvf xxx.tar.gz

Copy the files to proper path:

sudo cp frpX /usr/bin/

Create a config file dir for the program:

mkdir /etc/frp/

Copy the config files to the path

sudo cp frpX.ini frpX_full.ini /etc/frp/

Manage FRPX server vices :

sudo cp systemd/frpX.service /etc/systemd/system

Manage frpX service :

$systemctl daemon-reload //Reload unit configuration
$systemctl enable frps //Enable frps service
$systemctl start frps //Start frps service
$systemctl restart frps //Restart frps service
$systemctl stop frps //stop frps service
$systemctl status frps //View frps service status

Note: may need to set the firewall to proper value.