MOOC Requirements for UniSat 2021 Courses

AE MOOC Facilitated Sessions". Final

Requirements for presentation design for recording MOOC video lectures

Qualitative characteristics of the video slides

  • Font size of the vide slides :
    • Title : 20
    • Body : 18
  • Use fonts without sneakers
  • Not recommended to use more than 2 fonts on the course
  • List styles should be the same throughout the entire course
  • To improve readability, it is recommended to use contrast combinations of text colors and background
  • Not recommended to use more than 3 text colors on the course
  • Not recommended to use contrasting font colors inside one sentence, paragraph, table
  • If background color for a table is necessary, do not use any color that is contrast with the main color, instead use a darker or lighter variant of the main color
  • The thickness of the frames, table lines, arrows, also must match with corresponding font.
  • Thumbnail should be at least 1280X720 (HD), with the format of PNG. There should be no watermarks on the thumbnail
  • All the third-party materials used in the course should be with the CC license.
  • For any referenced materials ( images, tables, graphics etc), there must be a specified reference to the source next to the object location.
  • Reference images only from, free and open sources (meet the CC license requirements)
  • Referenced materials should include a link to the last page of the slide “List of References”

Important information about the video and slides

  • During the video-edition period, a KazNU logo will be placed on the left-button corner, and :


    • When designing your PPT, do not place any content in the logo position, which may later covered by the logo.

Size and Ratio of the Slide

  • In the frame, teacher reads the course content
  • Besides the teacher, there placed the presentation slides
  • The aspect ratio of the presentation must be 16:9

Presentation Background

  • White
  • Do not add background pictures and watermarks to the Slide Sample

Presentation Fonttypes

  • It is recommended to use Arial

  • Title : 20 , bold

    • Alignment:
      • Horizontal - Center
      • Vertical - Top
    • The title may take several lines
    • Do not put the . At the end of the title
  • Body : 18

    • Alignment:
      • Text block : left
    • Distance between paragraphs - 18
  • Quotes

    • Quotes are italic
    • Name of the author : Bold


  • Tables

    • Tables should be editable (not pictures)
  • Graphics

    • Graphics should be editable (source)
  • Images

    • All images and photos used in the presentation should be with high resolutions
    • Image source and image author should be displayed


  • Sample





    Sample file: Презентация(шаблонАНГЛ)

KazNU definition and requirements for Video Edition

Term definitions

СНХ – синхрон. Лектор сам в кадре без слайда или со слайдом возле лектора.

ЗКТ – закадровый текст. Речь лектора перекрывается слайдами, фотографиями, таблицами на весь экран.

Лайф – лектор в кадре где-то идет, что-то демонстрирует и при этом комментирует происходящее.

  • SYNC – Synchronous. Lecturer and the presentation shown side by side. (UniSat will not use this form)
  • ACT - Presentation or the video clip or the image takes the whole screen (This mainly the case for UniSat)
  • Live - Lecturer is showing something or directing something or demonstrating something (This is also the case that will be used on UniSat lectures but with out showing the lecturer)

Sample :


Sample Download :




  • Font :