Life is too short to worry about stupid things.  Have fun.  Fall in love.  Regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down.  Study, think, create, and grow.  Teach yourself and teach others.

Richard Feynman


Hi, My name is Azat.

I’m a passionate open-source contributor with a Masters in CS and FE ( Financial Engineering ), and I love to share my knowledge or my journey achiving it with the community. Here is my Personal Blog, where I write and share about projects that I’ve done, leaded, either succeeded or failed, the courses I’ve taken, the books I’ve read …..

I’m a cat person. enthusiastic, curious, and somehow naughty and childish. I value knowledge, and kindness more than everything. I value stuff based on their impact and help, rather than their prices.

In the past, I have done projects on Simulation, Computer Vision, Space Technologies and Nano-satellites, Mentoring and Teaching, Technical Support and Consulting etc.

I might have several different ‘titles’ outside, like Entrepreneur, CTO, Founder, Mentor or Consultant etc, but the title I like the most is “student” and “teacher”.

I see myself as a lifelong learner, I get curious on things, and try to understand them by heart so I don’t regret spending time learning them, exploring and experimenting on them, I also share my knowledges, experiments on various places with various nicknames ( thanks to my email routing solutions, I can have countless different email address, means I can have countless accounts …).

I am also a continuous start-up person, I am building start-ups starting from my University studies periods, I am not that “commercial person” and I lack of many “commercializing” knowledge and skills, based on how is your standard is, my startups can be successful or failure, on my own, they are successful as they provided something useful for others, some good impacts to others, even thought I failed to make money on them.


I provided different services either personally or through my company. You can get invoices from different tax locations with your preferences or requirements, including Kazakhstan, Türkiye and United Kingdom.

Training or Mentoring

I provided specialized training or mentoring on various topics such as Finance, Financial engineering, STEM and Fin Tech, Programming and AI for Finance.


I provide technical consulting services for start-ups, businesses and research institutions or personals, on topics such as digitalization, technical transformation, architecture design etc.


As a Computer Science master and certified cloud engineer, this is originally my first service provided to many personals and start-ups, I provide high quality, industry standard programming services for your next big project.

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