Boğaziçi University Financial Engineering (FE) Personal Notes

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FE500Introduction to Financial EngineeringProf. Dr. Nesrin Okay1
FE501Optimization Models in Economics and FinanceProf. Dr. Necati ARAS1
FE502Fundamentals of EconomicsProf. Dr. Nesrin Okay1
FE507Mathematics of UncertaintyProf. Dr. Vedat Akgiray1
FE515Financial EconometricsProf. Dr. Nesrin Okay2
FE520Financial CalculusProf. Dr. Refik Güllü2
FE521Derivative Securities and MarketsProf. Dr. Vedat Akgiray2
FE581Special Topics in FE: Data Mining In FinanceProf. Dr. Necati ARAS2
FE514Corporate FinanceProf. Dr. Mine UĞURLU3
FE522Computational FinanceProf. Dr. Refik Güllü3
FE523Investment Anal. and Portfolio TheoryProf. Dr. Cenk Cevat KARAHAN3
FE594/595 FE ProjectProf. Dr. Refik Güllü2-3
Notice: Those are the courses which I selected. Courses listed based on the Course’s code’s mathematical order.

Personal Notes on the FE Program

  • My notes are in two categories:
    • Notes taken during class.
    • Edited summaries after class, which may reference textbooks on finance, economics, and investing.
  • The content of the FE program might change:
    • Due to the instructor’s decisions.
    • Based on departmental decisions.
  • Stay updated with the latest info from your instructor. However, this website can give you an idea of what the course might cover.

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