Hello World!

I am back!

It seems like i have written sevaral blogs before. None of them lasts longer than 2 years. I lost some of them because of technichal issues, deleted some of them because of my personal issues, but they are already dead!

It may be interesting that, even though, I wanna create a new blog and start to log something here, I am sure that I will write something here, but I am completly not sure that I will not delete it, yes, that is what I usually do.


A blog for a lot of people just mean nothing, but it was everything for me. The first time, I created a blog using Wordpress, that was a nice blog, however it was ugly, may be just for me. I didn’t like the theme, but I had to use that one for several months, just before some one came to me threaten me to make it offline. Yes, maybe just because I wrote too much thing that others did not wanna show.

After that thing, I am not too much active anymore, I did not wanna write something online, I did not want to publish anything, but naturally I can’t.

During the past three years of Master student life, I tried to figure out too many things, including, why should I and how should I write a blog. I continue to write many blogs after that, but However, I did’t write them on “Blog”, or may be I should say I did not published them, I kept them private.

Why I come

This time I come back, actually not to make the blog public, nor just wanna show myself, but because I need somewhere public to share and save my thoughts just for myself. I use linux, Mac, and Windows, It became too much harder to sync all of my notes among those platforms, but however a blog site can do this easily, and that’s why I tried to come back online and write online blogs.

To the H(M)ackers.

My posts are both in private and public. If you are able to see my private posts, then you hacked me (Of course, if you seeing posts like this and many other, you are just seeing my public posts).

If you hacked, and want to ask money, no, sorry ,take everything worthy you got.

But if you hacked and also appriciated the work that i have done, contact me, you oviously found my email that I left for you inside the private folder.