AzatAI Git Content Plan



Get Help - git help

simple configuration - git config


ignore files - global scope

ignore files - project scope

Git Basics

Initialization - git init

Submit - git commit

Compare difference - git diff

Rename - Directly rename on the operating system

Rename - Rename using git mv

Delete file - git rm

Recover deleted or edited file

recover file’s history version - git revert

Reset Submit - Control the HEAD pointer - git reset

Save, Reset, Delete Work Progress - stash

Watch Submit History - git log

Branch - Git Branch

Branch - branch

Edit on a Branch

Compare different Branches

Merge Branches

Resolve merge confilicts

Rename or Delete a Branch

Remote - Remote

Remote - remote

Github - Create and Submit a Remote Repository

Push Changes - git push

How other teammate can use our remote branch

Clone - git clone

Get - git fetch


Pull Request

Add Cooperate contributer to the project

Graphic Tool

Graphic Tool - Github

Graphic Tool - Brackets Git

Tag - Tagging

Add tags to the project: git tag