Saturday Sauce 0 — What is a what?


What is a Computer

Computer == com + pute(r)

Define compute:


Com : together вместе

Define compass: компас



Com is together , that means there should be some is at the same time, the same result, then what is it?

Actually it is the magnet or magnetic field. The compass pointer is together with the earth’s magnetic field.

Putare : think, count думать, считать

Define repute:




Define depute: делегировать

De : left , away , leave уходить


Define dispute: диспут


Dis : apart , minus



So computer : com (together) + pute (think)

  • Er professor , washer coder , programmer (+r profession, some what who do the thing)

Important word today is count/ think

Heart is a ‘counting’ device in body.

Heart - Wikipedia

Your pulse rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute. A normal resting heart rate should be 60–100 beats per minute, but it can vary from minute to minute. It can go up to 130–150 beats or higher per minute when you’re exercising – that’s normal because the body needs to pump more oxygen-rich blood around the body.

How we count ?

We are in the 4 dimensional world (length, height,weight and time ,x, y , z, time), so we only need to count four thing, actually that is only 2 thing.

One is the time , and another one is the distance..

Length длинный

width широкий

height высокий

time время

Counting the distance ?

We use meters, or foot or any other equipment, that is not the focus today, to day we learn computer , so we focus on some thing else.

How we count time ?

with clock ,

By counting numbers

How clock works ? The Ultimate Wall Clock - 14" Atomic, Black, Easy to Read,  Perfect for Home, Office, School, Indoor / Outdoor: Home & Kitchen

![GF-8197 Ajanta Brown Grandfather Series Rhythmic Pendulum Wall Clock Orpat](

Usually we count time in two ways or if we dig into , only one way, that is counting the vibrant or the interrupt.

Pendulum 摆 Маятник


But the problem for pendulum is we have to vibrate it when it stops, so we use some thing else that dose not use our hand, because we are lazy , and that is electricity.

How to generate vibration using electricity ?

Using servo motors


Or using Quartz 石英 Кварц

Quartz is a metal material ,which source is sand or silicon, same as the source for cpu.

Quartz sounds exotic—with a “q” and a “z,” it’s a great word to play in Scrabble—but it’s actually one of the most common minerals on Earth. It’s made from a chemical compound called silicon dioxide (silicon is also the stuff from which computer chips are made), and you can find it in sand and most types of rock. Perhaps the most interesting thing about quartz is that it’s piezoelectric. That means if you squeeze a quartz crystal, it generates a tiny electric voltage. The opposite is also true: if you apply a voltage to a piece of quartz, it vibrates at a precise frequency (it shakes an exact number of times each second).

Tiny quartz oscillator from inside a quartz watch

Artwork showing how a quartz watch works

In theory, it works like this:

  1. Battery provides current to microchip circuit
  2. Microchip circuit makes quartz crystal (precisely cut and shaped like a tuning fork) oscillate (vibrate) 32768 times per second.
  3. Microchip circuit detects the crystal’s oscillations and turns them into regular electric pulses, one per second.
  4. Electric pulses drive miniature electric stepping motor. This converts electrical energy into mechanical power.
  5. Electric stepping motor turns gears.
  6. Gears sweep hands around the clockface to keep time.

What happend after we push the start push button ?